This is..? Guess where I shopped for this Backyard Makeover

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backyard makeover, Moroccan style backyard, fire pit, outdoor living trends

I am participating in a fun backyard makeover and outdoor living campaign with a known retailer. I was tasked to create a backyard makeover with products from this retailer alone. I live in an apartment in New York, and only have a small balcony, but one of my best friends, a fellow Finnish blogger, Tuulevi, has a beautiful backyard and I wanted to treat her family with a backyard makeover.

backyard makeover, Moroccan style backyard, new furniture, outdoor living trends

Their family of three, plus two dogs, use their deck as an extra room the entire summer, and it is conveniently located right off the kitchen. So while there is plenty of space in the yard for a nice BBQ and table and chairs setup, we focused on the deck. My friends had been doing some renovating to their house they moved in a few years ago, and they did landscaping for the yard, and they have a nice grill, but they haven’t bought new lawn furniture for years. Look at their backyard now!

backyard makeover, Moroccan style backyard, table setting, entertaining backyard, outdoor living trends

Here are some of the pictures from the backyard makeover I did for my friend. Stay tuned for before pictures and detailed explanation of the products and where I shopped for this backyard makeover.

backyard makeover, Moroccan style backyard, reading nook,relaxing, staycation outdoor living trends

backyard makeover, Moroccan style backyard, fire pit, outdoor living trends

This is….?

Can you guess from these photos what retailer I shopped for the items for the backyard?
How much did this backyard makeover cost?
Do you think it looks affordable – or too pricey?
Did I hand stamp the beautiful Moroccan style fabric – or is it from a luxury retailer?
Are the Scandinavian designer dishes just part of the photo shoot or from the same retailer where the furniture is from?
Did I buy the flowers from this backyard makeover retailer as well (is it a mass retailer?) – or from a garden store down the street?

backyard makeover, Moroccan style backyard, fire pit, outdoor living trends

Questions, questions, questions… Guess and come back later this week and I will reveal not just that where I shopped for this beautiful backyard makeover, but detailed products and tips how I created it.

outdoor-living-trends-backyards-2011, outdoor living, backyard ideas

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time to participate in this campaign. All of my opinions are my own.

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  1. Gorgeous! Would love a deck like that! Was it IKEA ?

  2. It is SO SO beautiful, Katja! Well done!!!

  3. Very nice! I can’t wait to see where you shopped and the tips you have to offer.

  4. This must be Target. right? come on, spill the beans!

  5. Bravo, girl! Bravo! The fabrics look so rich, what a perfect touch!

  6. This is just wonderful~ I love how your makeover all came out! Loving the seating area and the fabrics are lovely~ well done! :)

  7. Patricia Reinheimer :

    Beautiful, I love the colors and design, I am guessing 600. When will we get details?

  8. Wow! This is awesome, and just the inspiration I needed! I have been struggling to figure out what to do with our patio!

  9. That is gorgeous! I can’t wait for the details so I can look for my own house.

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