IKEA hack: Two Dollar Clock Gets A Map Makeover

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clock with map, world clock, map clock

I love decorating with maps, and I love IKEA and I combined the both loves by giving the $1.99 Rusch clock a makeover with a map from an old wall calendar. It took less than an hour, and punching the holes and making the numbers took most of it. This is a cheap decorating idea for example for kids room, college dorm or any place really where you just want the punch of personality without spending a lot of money.

clock with map, world clock, map clock


You will need:
Rusch clock from IKEA, $1.99
Map (or other good quality paper)
Elmer’s school Glue and Elmer’s X-Treme School Glue Stick
Small sticker for one of the clock hands (optional)
Hole Puncher

Full tutorial coming soon to Lifetime Moms.

Good glue is a key, because the Rusch clock is made of plastic, and you don’t want thick liquid glue making it difficult to make it, but at the same time you want glue that is good enough! I received a sample of Elmer’s X-Treme School Glue Stick a while ago, and been buying it ever since, especially now during summer time when kids have been home and making a lot of crafts. It’s a good glue to send the kiddos back to school with too… or just keep my stash to myself.

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  1. excellent simple use of affordable piece. the result is priceless ;D

  2. Neat! I love those clocks too. I have gone through like 5 of them and I used a dead one in my preschool class last year.

  3. What a fabulous idea! That looks amazing.

  4. BRILLIANT!!!!

  5. Great idea! I can see doing this with other old posters that are cherished but perhaps damaged and needing to be re-purposed. I have an old cracked tray that needs to be re-purposed (I hate to throw anything away). This has me thinking…. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Love this Katja…it is a great idea with a beautiful result…

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