With love from Italy: FIAT {they like Minis here too}

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Driving around Italy is like driving inside a Fiat 500 or a Mini Cooper commercial.

The scenery, the tight curves on the roads, the small parking spots, trying to avoid hitting the Vespas and the bicycles… While Fiat is Italian, and Mini isn’t, when it comes to new cars, new Mini Cooper is almost as well represented in the Italian city scene as the new Fiat 500. I’ve been a Mini fan for a long time, but now I’m sold on getting behind one of those Fiats… The Fiat backseat only seats two, so I guess it’s out of question with three kids, but at least I can enjoy my other Italian Fiat souvenirs at home..

Want some Fiat in your life without actually having to trade your car in..? Check out all of these cool vintage looking Fiat products now on sale at Fab.com.

And see some of my car photos from my trip to Italy here…

fiat italy

fiat in italy

PS. I was entertained by this picture… when these Italians wanted a fancy wedding car, they opted for a convertible Volvo!

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  1. I can surviveliving in Italy because i love pasta and pizza. I guess I was an italian on my past life :)

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