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Fashion Hauling & Lunch with Marshalls

The next eight weeks I will be doing a series of fashion hauling posts with Marshalls together with some other great bloggers via Glam Media. I attended a Marshalls fashion blogger lunch last week as the Fashion Week kicked off in New York City, and we sat down at Atlantic Grill to chat more about the upcoming fashion challenge – and Marshalls took us by surprise by gifting each one of us a designer handbag!

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Can I just say how much I love lunches where you get gifted handbags?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sara of High Fashion 4 Less opening her surprise gift.

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Raijean of Swa-Rai showing her awesome Missoni tote for everyone.

We were all in handbag heaven. Look at the gorgeous Michael Kors bag I received at our lunch, it retails for $368 but the Marshalls price is $199.99, I can’t wait to style it! The Tangerine Tango is the color of the year, and orange is perfect for autumn.

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#GotItAtMarshalls Mission

Every two weeks we’ll shop at Marshalls with a specific item in mind, and share what kind of look we are able to put together with the Marshalls finds. I’ll be equipped with a $500 gift card and I’ll create 4 different looks. Mission impossible? I think it’ll be a challenge, but I know I can accomplish it. Please join our fashion hauling challenge and be on the look out for pictures on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter for all of the looks created during the campaign with the hashtag #GotItAtMarshalls. Like it? Pin it! And hey, join for the fun and show what you got at Marshalls, you can submit your own photos on their Facebook page.

The next three months I will be in New York City covering fashion and lifestyle for Skimbaco and for my fashion blogs in Finland. I’m especially excited about all of the fashion events and designer interviews, sports and travel events I’ll be attending, and looking forward getting some new outfits for the events!

The bi-weekly challenges will be:
– booties
– colored bottoms
– tunic/equipment blouse
– blazers

Marshalls Shopping Tips from Skimbaco

I admit… I am a complete Marshalls newbie. Marshalls doesn’t have stores in Europe, and I have never visited their stores on my NYC visits before. However, Katja is the queen of discount designer clothing shopping, she even said she shopped at Marshalls even on her last 48-hour-visit in NYC this summer, and is green jealous in Sweden because I will get to do this campaign. So lucky for me and you – Katja equipped me with the following tips.

1. Go OFTEN.
Marshalls stores get new products in every single week, and you never know what they are getting, and in what quantities. If you want the best picks – go often. You can see what’s being spotted in stores now on Facebook.

2. If you see something you like, BUY it.
This may sound self-evident for some, but you know how in some stores you see the same clothes again and again, and you can think about it a little, and pick it up the next day. With Marshalls, don’t try your luck, just get it if you find an amazing deal, they might never get the same designer brand anymore or the exact product.

3. Always check out the SHOES.
No, really, Marshalls has an amazing designer shoe collection, with many difficult to find brands that your typical mall stores would never offer.

4. Think seasonal TRENDS.
Marshalls is a great place to find closet stables that will last for years, BUT Marshalls is at its best looking for seasonal trendy items. Their buyers work all year round to find the trendiest items of each moment and can buy much more trend-influenced products than in some other stores. They are like the IT store for people living in the moment.

Marshalls has Fall’s hottest designer fashion without designer prices.
See what’s being spotted in stores now on Facebook. Make sure to subscribe Skimbaco Fashion feed via email to get all of our fashion posts delivered on Fridays.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Marshalls via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Marshalls.

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Nina Varis is interested in and curious about fashion and the latest trends. She was studying dress making and fashion but found herself working at the office. But working in a totally different field doesn't mean you can't enjoy seeing beautiful and inspiring things, right?


  1. Oh how I adore Marshalls. I have one within walking distance to my house and I am there ALL THE TIME!

  2. Nina,

    This is so exciting, and what I love even more is that I shopped at Marshall’s successfully this year, and got some great finds. Katja’s tips are spot on. I don’t go enough, but I have found awesome shoes there.

    Love, Love the handbag. Who got the Fendi? My Cary store doesn’t go that high, but bet NYC does.

    Happy Shopping! I will love reading your finds.


    • Leigh, the shoes at Marshalls are awsome! I had a mission to buy boots, I came out with two pair of shoes. Ooops! :) One of the Glam girls got the Fendi. I couldn’t believe thay have so high fashion there.

  3. There is a Marshall’s/ HomeGoods superstore near my home and it is fabulous. I’m addicted. I love the thrill of the hunt!

  4. I love Marshalls! I should really find a way to get there twice a month. Not only do they have amazing clothing, bags, and shoes — but they always have a nice selection of home decor. I’m in the beginning of decorating my office and need to take a shopping trip!

  5. Oh man, I want to go to Marshalls right now and look for those handbags. Sadly, the nearest store is about 2 hours away (whimpering). I’m drooling over that Michael Kors bag. i’m looking forward to reading your other posts.

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