Our Fashion Writer Nina: Brave enough to take the leap

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Editor’s note: Please join me to welcome our new fashion writer Nina Varis. Nina will be covering fashion for Skimbaco Lifestyle the next three months from New York City. If you know someone who is interested in taking Nina’s NYC fashion writing gig next year, contact us!

I met Nina the first time in New York City two years ago when I organized and hosted one week blogger trip to New York for Finnish fashion bloggers, Nina writes a blog called Tunnetila. Nina already talked back then how she was dreaming of coming to NYC one day for a longer period of time. Now two years later, she has made that dream happen. Nina is an example of someone who isn’t afraid of making her dreams come true, and a perfect addition to our Skimbaco team. Continue reading how Nina describes her big leap of moving to New York.

Brave enough to take the leap

For the past three years I have been wondering what to do with my life. It’s not like it wasn’t great – everything was fine, I had a lovely home, the sweetest boyfriend, and a good job that I liked but still I felt like something was missing. I spoke about my feelings to my boyfriend and he felt the same way. We started wondering what was THE thing we would like to do.

And then it hit us: we would like to jump off the treadmill of our everyday life and jobs in Finland for a while, and move to New York City. That could be fun!

I applied for a job alternation leave from the office (one kind of sabbatical leave) and when the answer was “YES” we started to organize our fall in New York. It’s unbelievable once we were set to take this opportunity, everything went smoothly: we booked the flights, found a nice place to stay and two days ago we arrived in New York City!

Some of my friends told me I was a fool for leaving my monthly income and jumping to the unknown, but most of them are happy for me. And I am happy to have friends like that. If your life is good but you still need some change, why not to try something new? Life is too short for not to have an adventure.

We’ll be staying in New York for three months and during that time I’ll be blogging for Skimbaco Lifestyle about fashion and trends. I’ll have my own style blog, Tyylitila, for Skimbaco’s Finnish readers, but I’ll be blogging here in English as well covering Fashion Week, Travel+Leisure magazine’s Global Bazaar and doing a fun shopping haul campaign for Marshall’s among others.

Three months is a perfect time to stay in the city of your dreams. During that time you can fall in love with the city and it might lead you to a new path in your life. Or you can just get enough of all that hustle and bustle and you are happy to go back home. No matter what the outcome will be after the three months, I am and will be proud of myself that I was brave enough to do this. Besides, attending to New York Fashion Week has always been one of my biggest dreams and now this dream is coming true. Just this alone makes it all worth it! Hope you enjoy following my New York adventure. When is the last time you have taken a leap into unknown?

About Nina

Nina Varis is interested in and curious about fashion and the latest trends. She was studying dress making and fashion but found herself working at the office. But working in a totally different field doesn't mean you can't enjoy seeing beautiful and inspiring things, right?


  1. Satu Vänskä-Westgarth :

    Very excited to follow your adventures in New York! I’m all for jumping out of the ordinary and trying something new :)

  2. Nina,
    Welcome! I”m so glad that I will get to know you through Skimbaco. I know three months go by so quickly, but if you can get down South, we would love for you to visit North Carolina.

  3. Jenn @therebelchick :

    What an amazing adventure! I can not wait to read along during your time in NYC!

  4. More than great news, can’t wait to read more about your Skimbaco-adventure, so happy for you – and wickedly green, of course!

  5. that is so exciting! I’m so happy for you, Nina!!!

  6. Good for you, Nina! Grab those dreams and soar girl!

  7. Good luck in New York, Nina!

  8. Sounds like this will be an amazing experience for you! Good for you for following your dreams & making it a reality.


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