Bonding Over Beauty

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Few weeks ago I had the pleasure to join in an make-up event at the Benefit Cosmetics Flagship Store in Soho. The theme of this wonderful event was Bonding Over Beauty. Many bloggers were there with their daughters and it was so lovely to see all the little princesses having the time of their lives with their moms.

We were pampered with the sweet treats, everything was pink, of course, and we got the make-overs to spice up our day. I got many great tips from the make-up artist who did my make-up and I learned a lot during that morning. The best thing though was seeing all the happy faces with some lip gloss and blush on.

I don’t really feel that young girls need any make up, they look so fresh and beautiful anyway, but when they want to try it for the first time I think Benefit Cosmetics is a perfect brand to start. Their products and all the packages are so playful and fun that the girls will understand that make up should be fun, not covering the mistakes you might have. Their motto is “Laughter is the best cosmetic, so grin and wear it!” I couldn’t agree more!

I think bonding over beauty would be a great gift to any mom and daughter for the holidays. Kids love toys for sure, but spending time with your children is the most important thing. And the memories will last for the lifetime.

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