Holiday Gift Guide: 7 Gift Ideas for the Traveler {from Adrienne}

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Holiday Gifts for Travelers

With the holiday season upon us, I’m making my holiday wish list and and a list for the fellow travel lovers in my life. Here are my top seven favorite travel gifts. Some of which I already own, and some that are on my wish list this season. If travel is your passion or a loved one’s, choosing any of these gifts to give or receive will make holiday gift giving a success this season. Many of these travel gifts are great for both men and women.

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1. Longchamp Le Pilage bag ($145)
One of my smartest travel accessory purchases is a Longchamp Le Pilage in size ‘large’. Classic, timeless, and very practical. Le Pilage holds everything I need for a day of sightseeing. I can easily fit my pashmina, phone, makeup bag, gloves, sunglasses, tour book, wallet and compact umbrella in this tote and still have room leftover for souvenirs. Le Pilage folds up to be small and packable. I pack it inside my suitcase on the way to my destination, then use it as a carry-on for the things I bought while traveling. It’s also easy to carry with its long, comfortable shoulder straps.

Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling headphones

2. Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling headphones ($299.95)
Last holiday season, I bought my husband Bose earbuds for his iPhone. The quality of the earbuds is superb, but when it comes to wearing them on the plane as he often does, they don’t cut out the loud rumblings of the jet’s engines. That’s why these Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling headphones, named Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice for 2012, would make an ideal gift for him or for any traveler who enjoys listening to movies, music or books while traveling.

Lowe Pro Fastpack 250, holiday gift idea, christmas gifts for travelers

3. Lowe Pro Fastpack 250 ($144.99)
The Lowe Pro Fastpack 250 is the ideal way for travelers to carry all of the photo equipment and more. Durable and comfortable to wear with its front securing straps, this backpack  features a number of compartments to store everything you need to take travel photos. We always bring along our SLR camera, lenses and cords and our laptop when we travel, and we can fit all that, and we have even managed to fit a bottle of wine, two stemless wine glasses, a wedge of brie and a baguette in our Lowe Pro pack.

black pashmina

4. Black Pashmina ($59.99)
There is one item I haven’t traveled without in over twenty years: a simple black pashmina. It keeps you warm on the plane or makes a great back or neck pillow. Pashmina is a perfect gift for any traveler. It is a scarf when I am sightseeing on vacation and I have even used it as a small picnic blanket. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a three-week trip to Europe, my pashmina always comes along for the adventure.

TUMI Medium Trip Packing Case

5. TUMI Medium Trip Packing Case ($595.00)
TUMI Medium Trip Packing Case from their Vapor collection is high-quality, lightweight, durable, modern and stylish. TUMI’s Vapor collection is a Travel + Leisure 2011 Design Award Winner for Best Luggage, and it is on my wish list for the Holidays and would make a perfect gift for any traveler.. like me.

International outlet adapter/converter

6. International outlet adapter/converter ($59.85)
Your camera, cellphone and laptop aren’t very useful without a charged battery or access to a workable electrical outlet. Give your travel lover an international outlet adapter/converter so she can keep all her/his electronics charged. This particular model also features a USB charging port. Small and portable, this makes a great gift for any world traveler and fits nicely in a stocking.

7. DreamTime sleeping mask ($19.00)
Most of us like to sleep on long-haul flights, and DreamTime sleeping mask is perfect to block out light from windows, movies, and other passengers’ reading lights. It’s soft and comfortable and it’s filled with lavender flowers that help lull you off to sleep with their calming scent. This makes a great stocking stuffer gift.

Get more gift ideas from the Skimbaco team the upcoming weeks leading to Christmas, next week I’ll share my top seven holiday gifts for her under $100.00.

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