Just in: GH, Editions, A New Art Concept

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Editor’s note: welcome Jeroen Gulickx as our new guest contributor telling about a new art concept GH, Editions, and about exciting new trends in art and art collecting.

Why is Art such an interesting subject of discussion?

There is no handbook to art. If there was, the value of art would be nowhere close to where it is today. Still I would like to define art, because it is not just a category any more, it is an industry, an investment and it’s here to stay.

Many have tried describing art but always come back to art history, principles of design and appreciation, as in facts. Your relevance to the beauty of art can only come from your own findings or thoughts.

The word on the street is not so much about what art actually is, it is more about maybe a painting or an artist and the meaning of the piece. But the meaning is so different for every person, in fact that might just be the reason why it is so interesting and inspiring to discuss art. But even though the newspapers are highlighting art as an investment rather than a bunch of company shares, it is still not recognized as such. Only a few, perhaps a fortunate few, realize that the return on investment of art is potentially safer and larger than shares or bonds.

Again of the subject, still no definition of art. But we are getting closer. We know it can be an investment. We also know that it means something different for everybody including the artist. Meaning is a great term, the core of what the description of art or the artist would be. So why don’t I try, with meaning, a desire to convey meanings, a meaning to life a meaningful illustration of a subject or belief, and can I add to that a self-rewarding activity and means to express.

Art can and will be sold on and on, from individual to individual. Everybody can and probably will own a piece of art, a poem, a piece of furniture, a sculpture, a painting, a photograph, music and we can go on forever. You need to treasure that, tell people about it, or simply keep it as your unspoken love, or well-kept secret.

GH, Editions – Art becomes personal

What are the trends to follow, one might wonder. It clearly comes back to meaning. That is exactly why a unique art concept has been discovered, called GH, Editions. A US and Sweden based team of art collectors and admirers, who started their own publishing company in 2012. So is this art books?

It clearly is books, or is it not? It is a collection of art books with work from highly recognized artists, musicians, photographers, architects, and a small story of their life, how they see meaning. One new limited edition is published each month. The two artists already part of the collection are photographers Arthur Meehan and Jacob Felländer. The first three pieces in the collection were books with photography by Arthur Meehan, and the newest limited edition by Jacob Felländer will be available on December 6th, 2012,

GH, Editions is art and limited art, just like a chair or a painting. The limited books are a collection, they will not be reprinted and owning one will make any person proud, whether you want to reveal your precious possession or keep it entirely for yourself. GH, Editions takes pride in having the most incredible line up, revealed only when the contents of the art book are entirely sublime. And in line with the exact meaning of the artist.

About Jeroen Gulickx

Jeroen Gulickx is originally from Holland, where he obtained two business degrees. He is founder and CEO of GH, Inc and partners with co-founder Peter Hansson mostly known for his creative career with Mr. Calvin Klein.

The GH, Inc team under leadership of Jeroen, offer Strategy and Marketing to many different mid size and large companies, looking to increase marginal sales nationally and internationally. In addition is the team is now creating many of it’s own concepts with or without external investments. These concepts are related to a variety of subjects like art, design, wine and men’s clothing.


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