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November 19, 2020Katja Presnal

Conscious Design Media

Did you happen to see a new partnership with Conscious Design Media and the post about Made by Choice?

An explanation might be in order. I’m excited to tell you that I’ve been working on a wonderful project since this summer, and we are finally ready to tell the world what it is. Introducing Conscious Design Media, a new media company focusing on clean indoor air.

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But why a media company about…. air? Glad you asked.

The sad news is that toxic indoor air quality is the 12th leading cause of death in the world. The pollutants can be even worse indoors than outside. And yet - we spend 90% of our time indoors. We need to take action now. #IAQdesign Click To Tweet

Conscious Design Media’s mission is to improve indoor air quality and the quality of lives for millions by creating real change across different industries. It all starts with a deep understanding of the current risks, contributing factors, and how we can start changing them.

Conscious Design Media was founded in the UK two months ago by Robert John, who also owns Terraform Global. He has a powerful personal story – he went from being severely asthmatic as a child, into studying everything he could about indoor air quality and basically “curing himself” and then becoming an indoor air quality expert.

Terraform has a testing lab in Finland, where they can test materials for their toxicity levels. While Conscious Design Media will work closely with Terraform, and we can utilize their scientists and experts, it is a separate company with a mission to raise awareness to clean indoor air among consumers and offer concrete help for professionals in architecture, building, home furnishings, and design.

Conscious Design Media’s digital media platform will launch next year, but we would like to get warmed up already now.


You are invited to Conscious Design Media’s first Twitter Chat. The topic of the #IAQdesign chat is the importance of Indoor Air Quality in building design and the impact of poor indoor air quality on human health. Click To Tweet

WHEN: November 24, 2020

8-9 AM PST – Los Angeles

11-12 AM EST – New York

4-5 PM GMT – London

18.00-19.00 EEST – Helsinki


How does this work? Join us on Twitter and follow @CDNQmedia and the hashtag #IAQdesign.

@CDNQmedia will be the host of the Twitter chat, posting questions. Retweets of the questions are appreciated so we get more people joining in. But we especially want you to answer the questions, because we really want to hear from you.

For your reference: the questions are below with specific times when they will be posted.

Twitter Chat Questions for #IAQdesign chat on November 24

X = check your time zone above, we have participants from LA to Helsinki.

X.01 Q1: What does conscious design mean to you? How do you define conscious design? #IAQdesign

X.09 Q2: What are some of the current trends in architecture that focus on wellness? #IAQdesign

X.17 Q3: Poor indoor air quality is a serious problem. In your everyday work, how is indoor air quality considered? #IAQdesign

X.25 Q4: What in your opinion are the worst impacts of indoor air quality? #IAQdesign

X.33 Q5: How can architecture make a difference in indoor air quality? #IAQdesign

X.42 Q6: Where do you go for current information about nontoxic indoor living? #IAQdesign

X.50 Q7: What is the next step in improving indoor living and how is your business making the world a better place? #IAQdesign


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