Live a Little: Enjoy Sunrise & Sunset

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Enjoy Sunrise & Sunset

This Monday I would like to remind you with a very simple way to get inspired and get energy to your every day life: enjoy the sunrise and/or the sunset. I interviewed Shana Dieli of blog a few weeks ago, and she takes photos of sunsets almost every evening. What a great way to end your day, stop what you are doing, and enjoy the few minutes of time when the sun escapes to the horizon. Making a commitment to yourself to enjoy this simple natural occasion that happens everyday will make a bigger impact on your everyday life that you’d think of.

One the mornings the sunrise is full of promise of a good day, and just glancing at the sky when the sun peeks through behind the buildings, the forest, the mountain, or the horizon, will give you energy for the day ahead. Look at the sunrise with a promise to yourself “I’m going to own this day,” and you will.

On the evening the sunset gives you a moment to stop, think and find peace. Sunset tells you to slow down, stop the madness, and think the day behind you. If you had a good day, it gives you a powerful feeling “today was amazing – I’m ready to rest and be ready for another great day tomorrow.” If you had a tough day, sunset marks it to ending, and you can get closure for your day and say “tomorrow will be better.”

Shana of Shanamama takes photos of sunsets and shares them in her blog each week. I haven’t taken many new sunset photos lately, but here are a few old ones I have taken from my travels.

The above picture is from La Paz, Mexico, and the below picture is from Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore before the race started. Other evening was quiet and serene on the beach, the other evening was loud, smelled like gasoline and was full of adrenaline. Sunset was equally beautiful and one of the highlights of the night for me.

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  1. Those are beautiful views, though I had to laugh when I read the race car one was filled with smells of gasoline. It’s a unique kind of sunset.

  2. Love the daily (nightly?) sunset idea.

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