10 Photography Tips for Moms

October 27, 2009 Katja Presnal

Guest post by Adela Trofin

Motto: “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” Aaron Siskind
The first bath, a quirky smile, the sweet 16 dress or a baby’s first steps are moments parents want to preserve because cherished images stay at home even after kids start going to school or leaving for college.
To avoid the blurry moments, here’s a list of 10 simple secrets that all of you will find in handy at one time or another.

photography tips for moms, taking photos of kids

1. Taking pictures of your own family is an excellent way to learn the art of photography. They’re your first models, critics, and supporters. Catch the kids when they’re outside playing and they don’t know you’re there. Test different camera modes on the family dog, and work on exposure, framing, and lighting.

photography tips for moms, taking photos of kids

2. Rapid-fire picture taking is a great way to help develop your own unique style as a photographer. It’s by accident that new light sources, angles, and candor are often revealed. With every new image, you’ll be more comfortable with your camera and more confident in your photography. In time, you will think less about the basics and you’ll be able to capture emotions instead of just moments.

3. There’s no shot like the candid shot and a good photo is the one revealing your kid’s inner expression and personality. These moments are typically unexpected and leave little time for preparation. Keep your camera close for pictures on the spot.

photography tips for moms, taking photos of kids

4. Although a random shot with a pile of colored laundry or a blank tiled wall as background can be retouched into a masterpiece, you may also want to try the less striking, simple, natural background that will highlight your kids and their mood.

5. Kids cranky today? Not in the mood for a saying “cheese,” well, have ’em to say “poo”, or to make the ultimate grouchy face instead. Photography isn’t just sugar and spice and everything nice. On the contrary, the greatest images were born in the oddest moments.

photography tips for moms, taking photos of kids

6. A great close-up can be a challenge when you’re photographing children. Take a couple of steps back and zoom in until you find the right distance to take a shot of your toddler’s cutest, chocolate covered face. As soon as you catch that perfect moment, you’ll know.. and it will be a memory you treasure forever.

photography tips for moms, taking photos of kids

7. Kids love to play. Set your camera on “action” mode – for a fast shutter release – and play along. Take photos of them jumping and crawling.

*Pro tip. Continuous shot setting can be used for the same purpose, it allows you to take more shots in a shorter period of time while your children are in action, so you can pick the best one afterwards.

photography tips for moms, taking photos of kids

8. And speaking of playing, test out different angles and look for new, interesting ways of taking a picture. Laying on your belly helps you see everything from a different perspective and opens a brand, new world for you and your camera.

photography tips for moms, taking photos of kids

9. Little ones can be difficult to photograph. Each baby has their own timing and we can’t always determine whether the camera will bring a smile or tears. Introduce the camera after a nap, during a bath, or while playing peek-a-boo. Exciting moments are a great time to capture a happy smiling baby.

*Pro tip. There are cameras with a Child mode that alters the colors and takes richer, warmer toned pictures.

photography tips for moms, taking photos of kids

10. A simple edit like color enhancement or a boost in contrast can work wonders. And your first free basic fix gives you instant access to world-class digital photo editing.

Biggest secret: Just about every photograph you admire is retouched and enhanced. Most professionals have editors that work full-time to brighten, crop, and remove undesired objects from the background. They make the photographed look younger, thinner, or, sometimes, like they didn’t spill hot chocolate all over their dress. The 10 tips list above will help you improve your photo skills while professionals will assist you with the creative and essential photo editing steps (i.e. photo-art).

Guest post by Adela Trofin. Adela is a professional writer, she takes photos for fun and am currently writes for FotoFix – the service that turns your memories into works of art through editing, retouching, and a sprinkle of magic. So now you don’t have to toss those “almost perfect” pictures anymore, the artists at FotoFix can’t wait to lend a bit of their expertise in making your memories perfect: create beautiful holiday cards, collages and memories to treasure for a lifetime.

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  1. Thank you for your amazing idea.For now it will help me to edit my personal images. I always like to visit anywhere with my family and always capture the moment. For now it will be an amazing idea.

  2. Great tips! I love the candid shots and most of my favorite pictures of my son were captured quite by accident…

    Don’t forget to take pictures of your kids from behind too! I have a few of Lil Man running, or standing and looking thru a hole in a fence, and they are adorable!

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